Geekscape 606: 'Iké Boys' Director Eric McEver!

The anime and manga live action love letter is one of the most charming films of the year!

2 months ago

We're talking kaiju, anime, filmmaking, Japanese culture, using French overs, personal paleontology and more with 'Iké Boys' director Eric McEver! We catch up with Eric after 'Iké Boys' Fantastic Fest premiere, talk about putting the film together, growing up in a small town and how it shaped his storytelling, integrating his love of Japanese Kaiju and giant robot films into the movie and obviously some Farscape... since I hear Eric is a Farscape fan (and even put Farscape's Ben Bowder in the film)! Geekscape is championing this movie in a big way so listen to our conversation and find out why!

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